Investment Funds

The United Methodist Foundation of Louisiana offers United Methodist churches and institutions in the Louisiana Annual Conference professional money management services depending on their needs. The choices include an Income Fund, a Balanced Fund, and an Impact Fund with competitive returns and timely reporting.

It is the policy of the United Methodist Foundation of Louisiana to make a conscious effort to invest in institutions, companies, corporations or funds whose practices are consistent with the goals outlined in the Social Principles of the United Methodist Church.

To learn more about the professional money management team you can have working for your church, contact us.


Income Fund

Operates very much like a money market fund but with higher returns. Principal is guaranteed by the Foundation and a set rate of return is paid for each full day the funds are on deposit. Deposits and withdrawals may be made anytime without penalty. Rate of return is subject to change.

Current Rate: 1.0%

Why income fund?

Liquid-- Money is available at any time.

Cost-efficient-- There are no fees of any kind.

Flexible-- No "locked in" time or early withdrawal penalty.

Adjustable-- Rates increase with the market.

Connectional-- Together, the churches and institutions of the Louisiana Annual Conference accomplish more .


Balanced Fund

Invests up to 60% of the fund in a diversified portfolio of domestic and international stocks, which are further diversified by style and size. The diversification is designed to dampen volatility during difficult periods in the stock market. The volatility of the fund is expected to be lower than an all-stock portfolio and should provide a real return in excess of the long-term inflation rate. Deposits and withdrawals are made on a monthly basis. Established 1985.

As of 6/30/19


The Impact Fund

The Impact Fund, launched on July 1, 2016, seeks to invest only in the equity of companies that build their business with ESG Investing (Environment, Social and Governance), important societal or environmental benefits that reflect the mission of the church. Research shows that these investments have out-performed other companies using negative screening (avoiding companies engaged in undesirable activities such as alcohol, tobacco or firearms) while creating a positive impact and long term value for churches. More information.

As of 6/30/19


The following link contains a five page document detailing the account types, investment options, and other policies available through the Foundation. The investment package (PDF) also shows annual returns for various funds.