Donor Story Videos

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The Joy of Giving. Frank McArthur of Broadmoor United Methodist Church of Baton Rouge tells why he enjoys giving. 1:06

Why Do You Give? Various donors, including Dianne Wilkinson of Benton United Methodist Church, pictured, tell their stories. 1:44

Giving Through Your Will. Rev. Joseph Awotwi, Senior Pastor of Newman UMC of Alexandria, Louisiana, tells why giving through his will is important to him. 1:25

Why I Gave a Life Estate Gift. Kathleen Ory of First UMC in Baton Rouge explains why she and her late husband Joel, set up a Life Estate gift with the Foundation. 1:57

It’s Important to Give Back. Donor Donald Clayton describes how it's important to give back to the church that helped raise him. 1:00

Making an Impact. Five donors from the United Methodist Foundation of Louisiana share how they've made an impact in their communities through planned giving. 6:03

Benefits for Everyone. Virginia Worley of First United Methodist Church of Baton Rouge loves the Charitable Gift Annuity because she gets a wonderful rate of return. 1:53

I Didn’t Know I Could Give a Life Insurance Policy! Dianne Wilkinson tells her story of giving a life insurance policy as a planned gift to benefit her church. 1:53

A Beautiful Tool. Frank McArthur of Broadmoor United Methodist Church in Baton Rouge loves the CRUT for several reasons. 1:43

Ready and Able to Assist. Donor Don Clayton and President/CEO Rob Fairly explain how easy it is to set up your legacy gift through the Foundation. 1:18

Planting Seeds. For pastors - Donor Don Clayton explains how a sermon planted the seed to produce fruit 66 years later. 1:20

Feel Good with a Legacy Gift. Donor Donald Clayton describes how making a legacy gift makes him, "Feel good. Feel good inside." :49

I’m in Debt. Donor Don Clayton explains why he's in debt to his church, and what he's doing about it. :53

Is Your Church Important to You? Donor Don Clayton tells why it's important to secure the future of your church with a legacy gift. 1:07