Foundation Announces New Investment Fund

The United Methodist Foundation of Louisiana has announced a new and improved investment opportunity.

The new Impact Fund, which launches July 1, 2016, seeks to invest only in the equity of companies that build their business with an eye toward positively influencing the environment and society. Investments are directed by money managers who have demonstrated expertise and skill in “positive social impact investing” and “ESG Investing” (Environment, Social and Governance).

Impacting social issues has been part of Methodism since its very beginning. John Wesley, whose concern for the poor, the sick and the imprisoned is well documented,  considered social outreach to be an integral part of being Methodist.

The Foundation has historically used negative social screening with investments, avoiding companies engaged in undesirable activities, which may include alcohol, tobacco, firearms or gambling industries.  Our investment practices and decisions are based on social and/or environmental performance, as well as a company’s financial performance.

“This is a situation where doing good is good for you. We are constantly trying to improve, and this has been a step in the right direction for us. Projections based on historical performance indicate these investments have out-performed others using negative screening,” said Rob Fairly, Foundation president.


Kelly Johannessen