Why Give?

There are many reasons you would want to support your church.

It’s where you learned about God, it provides comfort in sad or lonely times. It’s where you married the love of your life and where you made life-long friends. It’s always been there for you.

But here are some reasons you should:

Make a difference

Most people want to know at the end of their lifetime that they made a difference. Planned giving is a way to ensure that the church and its ministries benefit from your generosity after you’re gone. You indeed can make a difference.

Set an example

Your generosity may inspire others. When someone else witnesses your generosity, that person is more likely to be charitable as well. Children in particular can benefit from seeing an adult they respect donate.

Just feel good.

Giving makes you feel good. Really, it does. Research shows that the act of giving reduces stress-related activity in one area of the brain while increasing reward-related activity in another.

From The Stelter Company

Kelly Johannessen