Win-Win! Higher CGA Rates Provide Opportunity


Whether you love charitable gift annuities or have never heard about them, we have important news to share. Last year, the American Council on Charitable Gift Annuities increased the payout rates for charitable gift annuities (CGAs). It has been years since the rates looked this good!

A gift annuity is a simple contract between a donor and our organization. When you establish a CGA, we agree to send you fixed payments for life. At the end of your life or two lives, depending on the type you choose, your gift supports the United Methodist church or ministry that you designate, forever.

This is the first time rates have changed since 2012, with some ages increasing as much as half a percentage point. They are based on your age at funding. The chart shows a few examples of the new rates. It is only a sample; there are rates for every age.

There are many benefits to a CGA:

  • You can take an income tax deduction in the year the gift is made.

  • You can avoid capital gains taxes if you use appreciated assets to make the gift.

  • You can leave a legacy for your favorite ministry while increasing your income now.

Use our online calculator at, or call or email us and we can tell you what your exact rate and tax benefits will be. Be sure to lock in your rate now and start receiving these great payments!

Kelly Johannessen