All Saints Day Resources


All Saints Day

Your Foundation has assembled a resource guide to help church leaders and pastors plan and celebrate All Saints Day as part of their Sunday morning worship services and to help them combine All Saints Day with a Planned Giving invitation.

Links to our resource guide and various components of the resource guide are listed below. Feel free to contact us to help with your legacy giving materials.

All Saints Day (ASD) Resource Guide (24 page booklet)

Advance Letter to Congregation

Legacy Giving Brochure
(customizable with your graphics)

Sample Gift Card (customizable with your church name)

Bulletin Insert Material

Call to Worship

Sample Donor Story Flyer
(We can work with you to create a flyer on a saint in your church)


Litany of Praise

Sermon 1 (by Rob Fairly)

Sermon 2 (by Rev. Richard Hull)

List of Hymns (UMH number provided)

Children’s Sermon (By Rev. Richard Hull)

Benediction Ideas

All Saints Day is a day to remember. For United Methodists, there are many denominational resources for celebrating the day:

The United Methodist Hymnal (page 938)

The United Methodist Book of Worship (#413-15)

The Faith We Sing (Worship Planner Edition, p. 157)