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It's important to give back 

Don Clayton grew up across the street from the Lake Arthur United Methodist Church. The church played an important role in his Christian upbringing, providing him with a moral and spiritual compass. At 80 years of age, he set up a legacy gift through the Foundation that helps provide a full time minister for his childhood church, forever.


we're ready and able to assist

One of the primary reasons your Foundation exists is to educate United Methodist members about legacy giving and encourage it within our churches. 


pastors: use your sermon to Plant stewardship seeds today. Bear Fruit for tomorrow.

Every time we talk about legacy giving, we are planting seeds, ideas that sometimes take root and blossom many years later. Don Clayton's story about his childhood minister, Rev. Robert Brown, is proof that this is true.


I'm In Debt

Donor Don Clayton says, "The only reason I'm here today is because I am in debt. And I'm in debt to the Lake Arthur Methodist Church. Because the pastors there as early as I can remember . . . they all were mentors and instilled in me Christian morals and Christians ethics."  View the video to find out how Mr. Clayton repaid his debt.


Feel Good with a Legacy Gift

If you doubt that it's better to give than receive, ask Don Clayton. He set up an endowment for his childhood church, Lake Arthur United Methodist Church, that helps provide a full time minister, forever.


is your church important to you? 

A legacy gift, such as an endowment, can help secure the future of your church. Donald Clayton put this thinking to work. What will you do? 


A Challenge for you

Donor Don Clayton thinks about his church and community's future and whispers to himself, "If it is to be, it is up to me." He leaves all of us with a challenge-- If there is something that you see needs to be done in your church or community, whisper these 10 words to yourself. Then get started. Get the job done.